France to collaborate with NAVTTC for development of TVET sector

France to collaborate with NAVTTC for development of TVET sector
A 2-member delegation from France led by Higher Education Attaché, Mr. Sebastien
Cartier, met with the chairman NAVTTC, Syed Javed Hassan, and Executive Director
NAVTTC, Dr. Nasir Khan to discuss various areas of collaboration for uplift of skill
sector of Pakistan.
“Investment in our human capital is the only path towards economic development. Right
now we are facing huge issues in terms of labor productivity, capacity building and
quality of training and to overcome these challenges it is imperative we create a stable
and market-based technical and vocational education and training (TVET) mechanism”,
said the Chairman during the meeting. The importance of the TVET sector is the
greatest for a country like Pakistan where more than 60 per cent of its people comprises
youth below the age of 30, he added. The Chairman briefed the delegation on the
initiatives of NAVTTC and TVET Task Force for successful implementation of TVET
reform agendas. The present government is giving high priority to development of the
TVET sector and to bring it at par with international standards for both the productive
engagement of youth and achievement of industrial growth, the chairman said.
The delegation appreciated the steps being taken by NAVTTC to boost the skill sector
of Pakistan and expressed their desire to enhance collaboration in the near future in
such fields as curricula development, joint degree programs, and working towards
development of internationally recognized qualifications.