NAVTTC Offers Free Online CourseS

In Collaboration with

 Suzhou Vocational University, China

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Suzhou Vocational University, established in May, 1981, is a fulltime university ratified by the Ministry of Education The University lies in the Stone Lake Scenery District at the foot of Shangfang Hill on the southwest of Suzhou City.

NAVTTC in collaboration with Suzhou Vocational University, China is offering free of cost online course in  advanced Technology in the areas like: Industrial Robot technology, Intelligent control Technology, Mold Design and manufacturing , Material Engineering Technology, Building Materials Engineering Technology, Architectural Engineering Technology, Machinery Manufacturing and Automation, Machinery Quality Management and Monitoring Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Electrical automation Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Aircraft Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Engineering , Food Processing and Inspection. (For complete list of courses please click here )

All Pakistani youth (whether currently enrolled in “Hunarmand Pakistan” Program or not ) are eligible to avail this opportunity. Interested youth are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Minimum 12-Years of education/FSc/FA is required for registration. However Master/BS  degree holders are encouraged to apply. Some courses indeed need advanced knowledge of engineering. (please check the list of  the courses)
  2. Good English verbal/written Communication is required
  3. Basic Knowledge of Computer usage and Internet connectivity is required

Registration Procedure:

  1. Initial online registration on NAVTTCs website (click for link for registration form)
  1. Scrutiny by NAVTTC for eligibility
  2. Online registration with Suzhou through link provided by NAVTTC
  3. Learning and successful completion of online module and its online examination

Issuance of certificates by the Suzhou Vocational University, China.