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Accreditation Process

Steps for Accreditation of a Program (TVET Institute):

Application for Accreditation
TEVTAs recommend & communicate potential TVET institutes to NAVTTC
Institute directly apply for NAVTTC Accreditation
ACT-I Proforma
Fill in ACT-I(A) for DAE Technologies or ACT-I(B) for Vocational alongwith supporting documents / evidence
(Guidelines available in Accreditation Manual)
Technical Committee review the Institute's Application
Analyze institution's effectiveness, strength & weakness
Recommend to go for accreditation process or refer back for improvement
Assessment Schedule & Team
Scrutinized Institutes are put into Annual Accreditation Schedule
Assessment Team (Lead Assessor, Expert & Coordinator) is formed
Team proceeds for Evaluation of institute against defined standards
Evaluation Process, Evaluation Report & Finding Sharing
Team evaluates program / institute against prescribed Standards / Criteria
Evaluation Report is prepared & submited to NAVTTC
Report findings may be shared with Institute
Deciding Accreditation Status
Based on Evaluation Report, the TA&QEC may or not grant recognition
Institute is awarded the NAVTTC Accreditation status if qualify
Based on aggregate score, institute is ranked in a Grade for a tenure
Institutes with minor non-conformities may be reconsidered if fulfills criteria
Institute reserves right for appeal