Board of Members

The Commission is headed by Board of Members. The general directions, all matters of policy and administration of the Commission and its affairs are vested in Board. It exercises / performs all powers, performs all functions and do all acts & things in accordance with NAVTTC Act, 2011. The Chairman and Board Members are to be appointed by the Federal Government initially for a period of three years. The Executive Director, NAVTTC acts as Secretary of the Board. The board consists of the following members:

  1. Syed Javed Hassan,Chairman
  2. Secretary, Ministry of Labour, Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis, Member
  3. Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Member
  4. Secretary, Ministry of Industries, Production & Special Initiatives, Member
  5. Secretary, Capital Administration & Development, Member
  6. Secretary of the concerned provincial department, Member
  7. Mr. Fahad Iqbal, Member
  8. Mr. Najam Rauf Mughal, Member
  9. Mr. Mohammad Masud Akhtar, Member
  10. Mian Muhammad Adrees, Member
  11. Mr. Mohammad N. Duad, Member
  12. Mr. Muhammad Arif Yousaf Jeewa, Member
  13. Mr. Murtaza Hashwani, Member
  14. Malik Ahmad Jalal, Member
  15. Mr. Adnan Asdar ALi, Member
  16. Executive Director, NAVTTC, Member/Secretary