Monitoring & Evaluation

NAVTTC have developed its own internal Monitoring and Evaluation system for observing, reporting and assess the activities against the set targets for each training project in terms of financial and physical parameters and NAVTTC standards.

Monitoring: Ensure systematic assessment of progress of NAVTTC in TVET

Evaluation: Measure magnitude of gap between targets & performance by critically examining areas of success and failures of projects in context of TVET

Monitoring Mechanism for NAVTTC Projects

  • Fortnightly Reports on Overall Project Progress
  • Monthly Training Data
  • Fund utilization / Expenditure Statement
  • Project Advisory Committee Feedback
  • Regular correspondence with Regional Directorates/ Institutes
  • Three visits start, mid and end of training program beside surprise visits
  • 90 % attendance criteria for payment of stipend, toolkits & issuance of certificate
  • Regional Directors Review Meeting at HQs from time to time