Training of Trainers

A Trainer (Teacher) plays a pivotal role in producing demand driven & qualitative product (trainees). The quality of training and learning is dependent upon the competency of a trainer at institutional level for which knowledge up-gradation of Trainers is prerequisite. Presently, there are eleven Staff Training Institutes (STIs) which are responsible for training & development of TVET Trainers in the country. TVET sector is regarded as the most volatile stream of education & training where technologies change rapidly and updating oneself in response to these changes is indispensable for the trainers who are ultimate knowledge transmitters.

Realizing the fact, NAVTTC set a comprehensive action Plan in line with National Skills Strategy to evolve a “Continuous Training Program” for TVET Trainers (Teachers). In this regards, An intervention was designed for training of 100 Master Trainers under TVET Reform Support Program (co-funded by Government of Germany, Netherland and European Union). The training need assessment has already been conducted in all the provinces and nominations from provinces have been received for training of Master Trainers. Under this project, in first Phase 100 Master Trainers (E-Tutors) have been trained for further training of 10,000 TVET Trainers (Teachers) in Pakistan out of 13,067 Active TVET Teachers (working in various TVET Institutes under administrative of provincial TEVTAs and PVTC)

Province Teachers in Pakistan To be Trained
Punjab 4,928 3,771
Sindh 3,690 2,824
Balochistan 684 523
Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa 2311 1,769
AJK 441 337
Gilgit-Baltistan 694 531
ICT 319 224