Benefits of Accreditation

Accreditation will let an Institute know its lacking against the required minimum standards and good practices across the national in addition to International Recognition. Accreditation Status of an institute will help to:

    • process may enhance workforce mobility and mutual recognition of qualifications within the country and abroad;
    • develop quality and employable workforce in the country;
    • enhance employer confidence in the selection of employees coming from accredited institutions;
    • enable national and international recognition of the institute’s quality, accountability and public trust;
    • decide on eligibility of institutions for financial assistance from the government and donors;
    • facilitate networking and sharing of best practices of accredited institutions at national and international level;
    • assist prospective students in identifying acceptable institutions;
    • assist transferability of credits earned by a trainee/ student among the institutions;
    • protect institutions against harmful internal and external pressure;
    • establish criteria for professional certification and licenser;
    • involve faculty and staff in institutional evaluation and planning;
    • identify market oriented technologies and;
  • to create goals for improvement of weaker institutions and stimulate institutional growth and development through continuous evaluation and improvement.